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A Simple Hug Will Do

In Lifestyle on May 4, 2009 at 12:01 am

Hugs are to life what twitter is to technology.

They are short form emotional bursts that require no formal relationship before the experience; they create no long form entanglements after the fact, unless otherwise agreed upon.  Hugs are quick and meaningful. And unlike a government bailout, which benefits recipients at the long term expense of the donor (in this case, we the people), hugs are symmetrically reciprocal. In other words, they benefit the giver and the receiver alike.

I grew up as a square peg in a round world, never quite knowing where I fit in.  And then I met other square pegs.  I soon realized that the world is full of square pegs all vying to fit into a well promoted and very popular, yet very limited, set of round holes. We converge toward the familiar instead of embracing the greater set of unique, less numerous but highly meaningful experiences the world has to offer.  Hugs are an onramp toward embracing that which is greater than ourselves.

With a similar goal, I started a social group, FeastUp, that focuses on dinner parties as a means of breaking down barriers between disparate people, cultures and ideologies.  You’ll be hearing more on this later.  But dinner parties are hard to plan and execute. So most of us do nothing… until circumstances necessitate our crashing into one another.  Well, crashing into someone is not the only way for us to recognize that a world exists beyond that which we currently know.  Sometimes, a simple hug will do.


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