Great Moments in Brand Management History

In Business, Cooking, Grocery, Lifestyle, Marketing on December 1, 2009 at 10:33 pm

Erik B. & Rakim penned the lyrics “it’s not where you’re from but where you’re at” but I disagree, especially as it pertains to innovation. Where you’re from matters! History matters! Entrepreneurs who demonstrate a thorough understanding of historical innovations are the ones best positioned to guide the next generation of commercial ideas. I tend to think that I am one such entrepreneur.  In the interest of praising history, the following is my salute to:


1883 – Kroger acquires independent general stores to form the first grocery chain

1893 – Coca Cola distributes the first paper coupons

1920 – Women gain the right to vote

1930 – Kroger president ignores employee Michael Cullen’s ideas on self service

1930 – King Kullen launches as the first self service supermarket, though it hardly gives juggernaut Kroger a run for the money

1930 – Northwestern students write a sorority sketch called “Clara Lu ‘n Em”

1930 – WGN Chicago airs “Clara Lu ‘n Em” live, radio’s first daytime soap opera

1931 – Colgate-Palmolive sponsors “Clara Lu ‘n Em”

1931 – P&G develops brand management to maximize sales of Camay & Ivory

1967 – Amana debuts the first microwave oven for the kitchen

1971 – McDonalds tells housewives not to cook (“You deserve a break today“)

1972 – Congress passes Title IX, increasing educational opportunities for women

1974 – McKinsey, IBM, Kroger et al. collaborate on a bar code system to alleviate bottlenecks at the checkout counter

1981 – MTV captures teen’s attention with music videos

1981 – Nickelodeon provides programming for kids who outgrow Sesame Street

1989 – Peapod allows consumers to order groceries online

1990 – 20th Century Fox releases “Home Alone” and draws attention to latchkey kids

1992 – Al Gore invents the internet

1993 – Catalina Marketing distributes contextual coupons via grocery checkout

1993 – Food Network teases Generation X’ers who don’t know how to cook

1996 – Professor Herm earns a masters degree from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University (#1 BusinessWeek), receiving a Distinguished Dean’s Award at graduation.

1998 – Coupons, Inc. distributes the first printable coupons over the internet

2001 – WebVan burns through $1.2 billion in 18 months, files Chapter 7

2007 – Venus Williams demands and gets equal pay for women athletes at Wimbledon

2007 – Grocery iQ emerges as the first digital grocery list for the iPhone

2008 – Kraft launches iFoodAssistant, a recipe engine/grocery list for iPhone

2009 – Coupons, Inc. acquires Grocery iQ for an undisclosed amount

2010 – HomeShop emerges to help millenials “Fight the war on take-out” and lure them back to the kitchen

  1. Can’t wait to see what comes in 2011!!

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