My name is Hermann; welcome to my blog.

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I am a serial dreamer, a first time entrepreneur, a part-time professor and a full time confused individual. My father was a doctor, my mother taught high school French, I am the middle of three children and we all owned a grocery store, once… just once.

My first job out of college was designing databases and I have been a self-professed technophile ever since.  I have also worked in health care (on the insurance side), on Wall Street and as a political fundraiser.  My dream job, if you can call it that, is to bring people together using food as the social lubricant.  Towards that end, I am the Chief Enthusiast of HomeShop Technologies, Inc., a digital media startup that provides an organized approach to shopping for groceries.  I also manage Feastup, the fastest growing culinary meetup group in New York City.  If everything goes as planned, we expect to revolutionize the way Americans eat. For as long as they’ll let me, I also teach a graduate course on Service Innovations at the engineering school of New York University.

More about me. I hold a bachelors degree from Dartmouth College and a masters degree in business administration from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. Technically, I am absolutely unqualified to pontificate on any of the topics on which I teach or write, but I do so anyway. Until I get stopped, arrested or corrupted by the ‘man,’ please feel free to share my ramblings on your blog, twitter feed or facebook page.

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  1. […] Hermann Mazard just launched his blog (Thoughts of a Confused Enthusiast) this past weekend. Hermann has a lot to get off of his chest about the condition of America, how our government is handling our economic crisis and whether we can or will ever recover. He doesn’t mince words and thank god for that. His honestly and bluntness are refreshing and absolutely necessary (medicine isn’t supposed to taste good and sweet!).  Being a college professor, Hermann is very skilled at using the power of the pen to make a point that (though it may be sharp and cutting) is always wrapped in a well-researched, thoughtful essay. His very first post is Why Good Mortgages Goes Bad (warning: he spares no one (dead or alive) in this analysis of what really led to America’s the mortgage crisis and who is to blame). Great read and food for thought! […]

  2. “absolutely unqualified to pontificate” – but there you go again point taken – so take the point – g-oh

  3. I like your candor. It is authentic and memorable. These are 2 qualities which will immediately distinguish you from the pack. The wisest always admits that he knows nothing and from that vantage point takes steps to understand, become aware and share with his/her peers. Congrats.
    I’ll be checking in from time to time.

  4. […] He is also an adjunct professor of innovation at New York University. You can find him online at ProfessorHerm.com or @HermannM on […]

  5. […] He is also an adjunct professor of innovation at New York University.  You can find him online at ProfessorHerm.com or @HermannM on […]

  6. […] can find Hermann online at ProfessorHerm.com or on Twitter at @HermannM on […]

  7. […] another fellow opera singer on the subway tonight), I met (among so many other interesting people) Herman, who works on a startup company designing organized apps for grocery shopping, Alex, who works for […]

  8. […] one of the Obliterati events, my friend Hermann and I discussed the key differences between friendships formed in person versus relationships […]

  9. […] to my friends Charlene and Hermann who managed to make it out to Improv Everywhere’s mp3 experiment on Saturday, where […]

  10. […] comic moments of my friends over the next two days. Today, I again congratulate my friends Hermann and Charlene for boldly going where I still jealously have yet to go: Improv Everywhere. On October […]

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